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As of now, I am unable to take any new clients. My yelp page has brought me a lot of calls and business and for now I need to focus on the roster at hand. Please check in on my website in the future for any updates and changes.

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What I offer is affordable and time saving!

If you need grooming, you no longer have to waste your day waiting on the grooming shop to finish with your dog. You can simply sit at home now while I do all the hard work!

If you need training, I will bring you an understanding that you can adapt to your everyday life. This approach will create a stronger bond with you and your dog(s) and a knowledge that can be used for the rest of your life!

 Please note* Since I am a mobile grooming service, my ability to fulfill same day appointment requests is typically slim to none. With travel time throughout my day, I am physically only able to get to 4 or 5 houses a day.

Please note* Typically speaking, I am usually booked 7 to 14 days in advance. Be prepared to plan ahead with your grooming needs if you’d like to work with me. Creating a routinely scheduled grooming program is what I encourage for my clients, it is alot easier on everyone =)

Serving the San Fernando Valley since 2003