Behavioral Consultation & Training

I can help in all types of situations and problems. A true bond with your dog will get rid of all the stress!

A few things you will learn for me

  • How to Establish the Relationship with your Dog(s)
  • Dogs are not their behavior
  • What you share, They will become
  • The 5 fundamental rules of the Dog
  • Knowledge & Awareness

The k9champ Philosophy:

After meeting over 30,000 dogs and their families, I have learned one thing. Our importance. When your dog is your most important part to your life, it is what you do that has the most importance. With leadership, guidance, and direction your dog and you will have something everyone wants, happiness.

In order to serve you better, I ask to be called in reference to prices for these services. My prices are very reasonable and there will need to be multiple visits to help with the new rules that are to be put in place. I bring a lot of awesome work for you, but don’t worry I’ll be doing some of the hard work also!!!

Through an in call I will be able to understand your needs and explain my range in services to fit accordingly. What I provide has a lot of information which can help all calls big and small. With more knowledge comes a more meaningful relationship and loving bond.

Thank you once again for your interest,

Travis Crandall